LakanBini 2015

Since 2010 I have been the photographer of the of the annual Lakambini of the College of Veterinary Medicine. It was a College event that was done during december but because of the academic shift the current student council which I am leading  scheduled it as the culminating event o the VETMED Week which is also an Annual event for VETMED Schools.

I was on of the host that night with a UPLB Jock Laureen Vicente whose mom was also an Orgmate in Rodeo Club. RC Represent!


This year we had an advocacy of equality among genders and we used the event since cross dressing is a component of the pageant.


A lot of VetMed Students were at the event even though some of them are reviewing for a lecture exam the following morning.


Wyre Underground of UPLB was there to perform


This year was the first time that there is a lakan competition. It was always boys dressing up as women but now there are female dressing up as men and it was twice as fun.


When the winners were announced every batch celebrated.


Batch 11!


Batch 13!



So here is the team that made everything possible.


And after the event we were all relieved and just needed to have a pose of relief! Kudos to UPCVM SC 14-15 for making history and advancing our advocacy for #equality!


Upsilon Congress

One of the what we call “Solid Fellowships” came this year at the Manila Golf Club Last Saturday.

DSC_0986 DSC_0977 DSC_0975

Elbi represent!


Roque ’50 receiving a plaque of recognition


One of the items which i think everyone wanted to have.

DSC_0953 DSC_0952  DSC_0944 DSC_0900

Got some camera gears focused


A lot of the brods came and I think it was stated that it was the largest number of attendees in a congress.


We were in charge of the items being sold that day.


View from the Congress Venue. Saw some political figures at the event and somehow had a conversation with them.


Chinese New Year Celebration (Errand Day)

It was the Chinese New Year the past week so we used the holiday to do some errands and meetings. It was not actually a celebration rather a day fll of busy bodies roaming around the streets of manila and QC.

 DSC_0881 DSC_0879 DSC_0872

I Was with Chesa, a groupmate in Surgery to buy some instruments for the upcoming exercises in the laboratory. DSC_0871

The Store owner was very kind enough to give us free extra needles because we were on a tight budget to purchase all the instruments and of course still have enough to go to Binondo. But at the end of our three hour visit at Bambang we realized that time is not enugh to go to binondo and celebrate the new year. DSC_0869 DSC_0868 DSC_0888

So I went to another meeting in QC on an upcoming event and exhibit. It was nice discussing things with Akbayan Youth People in the first day of the year of the Sheep.



From FC to Lomi

You don’t really expect sometimes that in a day you’ll probably be with people and eat all day long. Well this one is not a fancy meal  or any fancy food place. Just those humble places that served delish stuff.

DSC_0780 DSC_0779

This place never stp from being too spicy for me. Try out that nearly black spicy sauce in FC. So much for water and rice, I think you need ice while eating this one.



Thn we went for a small talk at the Chamihan where they served I think one of the best Goto Batangas I ever tried in my life. Add to the the good conversation with very positive people.

DSC_0785 DSC_0789


Last stop that day was Vega, where we the CVm SC got a chance to sell all the donuts for our upcoming Lakanbini event.



This week was all about the mice and inflammation. We were told by our professor in Pharmacology to induce inflammation and compare the effects of various anti-inflammatory drugs. Everything now becomes so technical since this is the last semester before the clinical duties next year.


We gave the name Timmy and Charlotte to our companion mice. They said never be attached to an animal that will be used in the laboratory, well I think we did not do such thing thus the names.


Robin at the pharma Lab


That is how you induce irritation. You just point the needle at the mouse. Nah! that’s just rubbing oil of wintergreen in the mouse’s ears.


Everyone busy doing their stuff for the laboratory

photoshoot, SDP

SDP Photos

My last blog post was about me having shot with ur sisters from Sigma Delta Phi. Now here are some of the output photos of the shoot with them.

DSC_0033 DSC_0088 DSC_0100 DSC_0170 DSC_0214

Some BTS on the side


GA candidly smiling

DSC_0291 DSC_0323

The Sasaki sisters!

DSC_0349 DSC_0368

Kianne and her windy pose!



13s with the SWAG!



So here’s a shot of the whole group.

CVM Council, Upsilon

FebFair plus Lakanbini video shoot

We in UP CVM yearly celebrate an event that started way back in the 80s. It is the annual Lakambini pageant. The pageant is about men cross dressing as women and fighting for a crown for a night. This year we have revamped the whole idea of the Lakambini to have it more than just a tradition but would speak a greater platform of equality. We have decided to use the theme, “Breaking Gender Barriers” for the event to symbolize equality among genders. Understanding how it is from the shoes of another gender. So we decided as a council to have a online campaign through a video the event and the platform it symbolizes. So we had a shoot at the CVM SC office with of course the winner of last year’s Lakambini.


Shalou and Ron alongside with Jaylyh posing for the Camera


Shalou and Ron having their time

That day was also the shoot of the CVM SC for our new Display Photo for this Semester. Well the SC office gave a dim lighting so I am hoping for a positive feedback on how shot our selves. That night was also time for Feb Fair so I was with friends and batchmates. We dined and had fellowship with our fellow sisters from SDP at their booth.


James and Ohwa near the flickering lights of Spice Jar booth. It was hard photographing people with the green and red light especially they kinda gave me the almost seizures like vision.


The Samurai Gio and of course yours truly doing a some sort of eyebrow twitching, Feb Fair was a blast with these people! such wow indeed!